Grooming Amenities

Everyone forgets to pack something important from time to time, so here's your chance to be their hero by having some personal grooming amenities on hand. Products include hotel size travel supplies from individually wrapped toothbrushes & toothpaste; mouthwash; razors & shaving cream; deodorant; shoe shine wipes to lint removers. Also included are individually wrapped makeup remover wipes that your guests will simply love, might love them even more when you see that they keep your bed and bath linens stain free!

All perfect supplies for Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, Vacation Rentals and Bed & Breakfast owners and hosts. Direct to consumer, small quantities.

Makeup Remover Facial Wipes

25 Wipes from $4.79 USD

Toothbrushes, Individually Wrapped

12 Toothbrushes from $4.29 USD

Lord & Mayfair Shoe Mitts

10 Mitts Regular price $5.89 USD Sale price $4.89 USD

Shoe Shine Wipes

50 Wipes from $11.49 USD

Travel Shaving Kit

25 Kits from $15.79 USD

Personal Care Kit

25 Kits from $9.19 USD

Dental Care Kit

25 Kits from $15.79 USD

Shower Caps, Individually Wrapped

25 Caps from $4.89 USD

Individually Wrapped Hair Combs

10 Combs from $3.69 USD